Friday, April 20, 2018


Ditto the U.S. post. 

U.S. History

We finished screening Iron-Jawed Angels and then I collected students' observations and questions onto a SMART Board document then printed and distributed to each of the students.  We set up a note page for the documentary "How We Got the Vote."  A historical persons picture page was distributed for students to use alongside the movie characters/actors page for reference.  Lastly, I provided a handout onto which the excerpts of Alice Paul and Mabel Vernon's interviews are transcribed, as some of their commentary is a bit challenging to discern.  We then used these pages, focusing mostly on the notes page while starting to view "How We Got the Vote" -- to be finished in class on Monday.  If you were absent, see me to set up a time to make up the missed viewing if you were absent.

World History

Unit-Closure Work Page -- complete the vocab, look up what you need to define for yourself on the empire facts on the back side, and then add picture notes and/or hashtags to the vocab and empires...more time will be given to finish in class on Monday.  So, for homework -- work until you've gotten 1/2-way through the job if not yet there.