Monday, October 16, 2017


Research was due by the start of class today via Google Classroom.  Remember to use the instructions for submitting, the Research Rubric, and the Research Cheats.  We began our prep work for our first argumentative essay (on the unit's essential question).  It needs to be a minimum of 4 pages long so that you meet KCC's requirement of pages written by the end of the semester (10 minimum required by the college for you to get credit for the class).  Use MLA formatting with a works cited page.  A heavy use of textbook notes is expected.  Don't ignore any big themes, as your essay should thoroughly answer the EQ rather than focus on randomly chosen topics.  Stay focused on answering directly the EQ throughout the entire essay when editing for voice and connections.  Use the rubric and the Writing Cheats in Google Classroom.  (THE hardest part is the very beginning -- combing through evidence to discern the big themes the evidence suggests.  Then, significant time should be spent wording the complex thesis statement and organizing the vast evidence per those identified themes.  If this is done well, the rest of the writing is a relative cake walk.)  I am here to help you in the process!  A hard copy of the paper should be submitted to me at the very start of class on Monday (highlighted per the instructions in "Edit My Writing Now") AND an UNhighlighted copy submitted to (info found in Google Classroom).  We'll have writing days all this week.  If you get ahead with the writing, it would be a great idea to start working ahead on the at-home reading for the next unit as a matter of time-and-stress-management.  ; )

U.S. History

Research day #2 -- the research is due before the start of class tomorrow in Google Classroom.  Paste the credentials for each article before the article (at the top of each article) and remember to follow the directions for submitting the work, the Research Rubric, and the Research Cheats.  ; )

World History

1st hour -- discussed the thesis of the Kalahari episode of "Bizarre Foods" and made notes of it on our Zhutwasi notes page and then we added to our Yanomamo note page by viewing the first 3 of the segments noted in Google Classroom; the 4th will be viewed tomorrow.  4th hour -- we discussed the thesis as noted for 1st hour and the Yanomamo video and notes, except 4th hour we finished.  In 7th hour we finished Bizarre Foods with the Zhutwasi note page and discussed the thesis of the show.