Friday, December 15, 2017


We prepped for Monday's Socratic discussion and then went over the class schedule of events for Monday through final exams.  Today's time was then given to complete the Unit-Closure Work Packet.

U.S. History

Your reading and notes from the Hendrix packet should be complete.  Today we began and finished the note-taking from the Loewen packet excerpts "John Brown and Abraham Lincoln" according the instructions detailed yesterday.  Borrow a packet and finish for homework as needed. 

World History

Today is the deadline for writing -- a hardcopy print-out AND digital to  Today is the deadline for completing any skills re-dos for which students signed up.  A NEW deadline announced today...If you are planning to turn in late work on Research, corrections on Research, or a Socratic Replacement, the semester deadline is next Tuesday -- 12/19.  We began work on a scored Audio-Visual Claim & Evidence today -- to be finished in class on Monday.  If you were absent, see me to set up a time to do this assessment in my room.