Friday, February 16, 2018


We finished and discussed "Lincoln."  Groups checked in with each other on key themes that emerged in Chapter 15.  Chapter 16 is due Friday.

U.S. History

We finished viewing "Lincoln," and then discussed our thoughts, observations, and questions and the "Mystery Quote" (by Tony Kushner, screenwriter).  We then began a Claim & Evidence on the article "The Other Lincoln" -- this one collaboratively in assigned groups to take a big of pressure off as we secure the information and practice this skill with be finished in class on Tuesday and prizes awarded to the winning group Wednesday.

World History

Prizes were awarded to the "Bhagavad Gita" Context & Lens group winners!  We then discussed and edited our individual pages.  We began taking notes about Buddhism on our "Religion Basic Notes" page or doc...First, from my slideshow, and then from the reading packet -- the reading packet to be finished on Tuesday for hours 1 & 4...The slideshow to be finished and then reading begun for 7th hour on Tuesday.