Monday, April 24, 2017


Essays are due today.  Reminder -- homework reading and note-taking is due Wednesday.  We began our in-class activities for the "Global Issues Come Home" unit -- taking EQ notes from Crash Course episode #30 (WWI) & the first 5 minutes of #33 (The Depression) be finished in class tomorrow.

World History

We began screening "Guns, Germs, & Steel" while working on a thesis flow-chart handout, adding to our E.Q. page, adding a few CQs, and completing an end-of class "exit slip" (on a 1/2-sheet of your own paper) -- answer the following questions 1. What did Europeans of the Colonial era often say was the reason why they had more wealth than darker skinned people in other places?  2. Why does Jared Diamond find that Colonial reason to be incorrect? 3. & 4. Tell me two new things you learned today.  (The video is available on You Tube; we viewed through 30:00 today.)

U.S. History

Writing day!  The end-of-unit argumentative paragraphs to anser the essential question of the unit are due at the start of class Wednesday (due date pushed back one day).  Use the handout "Edit My Writing Now," be sure to also highlight the final draft to show your text structure, and submit the final draft digitally (UNhighlighted) to  As always, you are welcome to see me during your writing to check in on specific aspects of your thesis, evidence, or structure.