Friday, February 24, 2017


Writing!  Remember to use your "Notes to Self" that contains your individualized list from feedback on past writings, your "Edit" pg., and the score sheet.  We'll have in-class writing time on Monday and Tuesday, and after that the essays need to be completed for homework -- due at the start of class next Friday.

World History

We finished and reviewed the UCWP from yesterday -- in collaborative groups and then did a whole-class structured review.

U.S. History

Student self-assessments were given to them to use one more time by putting "+" marks to the RIGHT of ever bullet point (subskill) at which they are confidently performing well.  Students were asked to think about any items not yet "+-marked" and to talk with me today in class or during Advisory for any spots where they need or want even the least bit of assistance (with tips on skills, with organization, etc.)  Chromebooks were assigned and students recorded their numbers for future use; we also followed a quick link to align their personal school Google accounts to print to lab 212.  The remaining time was given for Curiosity Research -- by the end of Monday it will be 75 total minutes of time-on-task research, which should be obviously reflected in the quantity of material turned in on Tuesday.  Score sheets were distributed and discussed as criteria review.