Friday, September 30, 2016

World History

We finished discussing examples of big themes for the E.Q. page and specific pieces of evidence (detailed examples) also for the E.Q. page and then students collaborated in their small groups to add more themes and evidence from the Yanomamo studies/note packet.  Students then completed #1-3 on the 1/2-sheet of instructions for the "Layering-to-Today" work for the unit -- pick up an instruction page and the packet of accompanying materials.  #4 & 5 will be done in class on Monday.

U.S. History

Students continued their collaborative work on the Unit-Closure Work Page for approximately 20 minutes; finish this work for homework as needed.  We began addressing more directly the culture clash aspect of the early colonial era of North America with a "layering-to-today" component be screening the History Channel's Massacre at Mystic and recording bullet-point notes onto our E.Q. pages.  This will be finished in class on Monday.