Monday, October 24, 2016


We checked in on Part 4 of the UCWP and 20 minutes of class provided to finish the pages (finish for homework as needed).  We then went to the lab to do curiosity research -- use your 1/2-sheet score page and your full-sheet tips/tricks (highlighted) page.  We'll be back in the lab tomorrow for a full period of research -- due first thing Wednesday.

World History

Metacognitive writing is due today.  We discussed the answers to the "minions poster analysis" and prizes awarded.  We had a structured review of the UCWP vocab -- study time and practice quiz questions...students were encouraged to make edits onto their UCWP each time we went over "quiz" answers so they have exactly what they need for when it is time in January to study, again, for the final exam.  

U.S. History

Research day!  Use your 1/2-sheet score page for instructions, and use your whole-sheet tips & tricks sheet (that we highlighted and used last unit) to get to those experts.  Expert creds AND quantity of material matter. ; )  Have your read (and highlighted/underlined) articles ready to turn in by the start of class tomorrow.